SasiaNet (Pvt) Ltd

Incorporated in 1997, SasiaNet is an independent software services provider which specializes in developing business critical software products for the Financial Services industry.

SasiaNet has successfully developed and implemented a number of software products grouped under SasiaNet | Investment Suite, SasiaNet | Financial Suite and SasiaNet | Supply Chain Financing Suite. These software products provide the core software solutions to entities engaged in debt and equity investment managementleasing, loans and asset financing, invoice factoring, cheque discounting and financial accounting.

With the recent introduction of the SasiaNet | Smart Suite, applications such as SasiaNet | TaskPro (Task Management), SasiaNet | SmartAlertz (Business Exceptions Engine) and SasiaNet | SmartCollector (mobile app for cash collections), SasiaNet is now ready to boost the management effectiveness of  any organization in any industry segment, which may or may not use SasiaNet software products for their core operations.

SasiaNet’s client base includes commercial banks, primary dealers of the Central Bank of Sri Lanka, investment / fund managers and entities engaged in leasing / factoring operations.